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Hari Om !!

--- "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM> wrote:
> On Tue, 28 May 2002, Srikrishna Ghadiyaram wrote:
> > The religious education in India is not in any way
> > inferior to what is given by other religions.
> Infact
> > they may be just on par. An ordinary religious
> Indian
> > believes God to be the 'dispenser of Fruits' so he
> > prays and prays for happiness. What else is Islam
> > teaching more than that.
> >
> Thinking more on a historical and intellectual
> level, Anand is correct.
> This is because both the right and left wing in
> India are more concerned
> with propogating their fantasy version of the past
> than the truth.  The
> problem is once you start lying even with good
> intentions, you lose the
> moral authority to confront other liars.  So not
> only religion but all
> intellectual fields get depressed and that can't be
> good for Indias future
> progress.

Possibly, it is not the actual content of religious
belief that is in question. but, the
mis-interpretation and the social supremacy of their
God and their all out effort to establish that among
all living beings is what is under question. Yes, this
has social implications interms of peace and
stability, and social progress.

But, should Hindus take to same tactics ? At least
should Hindus teach  a similar version of Religious
belief to their children. It is more useful to teach
our children a positive approach to religion, our own
practice of religion, so that it can take to a
spiritual path more easily as one advances.

> > To the best of my little knowledge, they do not
> have
> > advanced SPIRITUAL teachings and systematic
> approach
> > as REALISATION of GOD within.  But, here the
> teachings
> > of Hindu scriptures can not adhere to the
> standards or
> > level of religious teachings only; so a more open
> a
> > independent, and scientific approach is needed.
> How so?  Kindly explain.

Here, I meant that higher values of spiritual unity
require higher standards of evolution in thinking and
practice, to be able to go beyond visible differences
of physical composition.

The philosophy behind the religion is certainly more
'intellectual stuff'. It may not be desired and needed
by a common man. He is happy with the techniques than
the theory behind it.

As I understand, in Islam or Christianity, God is the
one in the Clouds. In hinduism we say God is here and
now, and within. So, this has a more intimate
relationship to man, provoking him to purify himself
in actions, and thoughts. This has more direct and
quicker (in my view) impact on human-transformation,
if understood.

This is not an easy concept, because one must be
willing to drop the concepts of what he is. That is
why I said it requires a more open (as if it is
self-annihilating, in an ordinary man's terminology)
and independent, voluntary methodology, suitable to
individual human aspirations.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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