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Tue May 28 11:05:27 CDT 2002

Hari Om !!

You need to reconsider your opinion expressed below.

--- K Anand <carex at VSNL.COM> wrote:
> Dear Jaldhar
> Religious education as far as hindus are concerned
> (in India) is decimally
> low. The knowledge which some people have is either
> outright wrong concept
> or total ignorance. Who is to blame!!!

The religious education in India is not in any way
inferior to what is given by other religions. Infact
they may be just on par. An ordinary religious Indian
believes God to be the 'dispenser of Fruits' so he
prays and prays for happiness. What else is Islam
teaching more than that.

To the best of my little knowledge, they do not have
advanced SPIRITUAL teachings and systematic approach
as REALISATION of GOD within.  But, here the teachings
of Hindu scriptures can not adhere to the standards or
level of religious teachings only; so a more open a
independent, and scientific approach is needed. This
is not for all who want and believe that the 'fruits'
are permanent, and can not think of 'happiness without
objects' and higher purpose for life.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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