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Tue May 28 09:57:30 CDT 2002

On Tue, 28 May 2002, Vishal Agarwal wrote:

> Please unsubscrible me from your misogynist and casteist list.
> Since I am a Sudra who has not only heard recitations from all the Vedas,
> but also recites them, please go ahead and come to my home town to pour lead
> into my ears.
> After all, I am just a 'walking cemetry'.
> Vishal

Hahaha!  Thankyou Vishal for the fine performance.  It serves as a good
example of the total intellectual and moral bankruptcy of "enlightened"
Hinduism.  When sound argument and facts fail you, resort to histrionics.

Had some Muslim written the vile slander above, the kind of fascists you
associate with[1] would be howling for blood but apparently it is ok if
one claims to be "rogressive."

I am unmoved by straw man arguments because my conscience is clean.  I've
never poured lead into anyons ears and i'll wager noone else on this list
has either.  In fact I doubt anyone in history has.  I'd ask you name an
example but apparently you don't like having your fantasies disturbed by

In case you hadn't noticed all types of people are members of
this list.  We answer questions from everyone and will support anyone who
wants to grow spiritually on the path our sages have set.  But we think
rather than flattery and lies they deserve to know the truth about what
our religion asks of them.  And we make no apologies about that.

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