ADVAITA-L Digest - 22 May 2002 to 23 May 2002 (#2002-129)

hemang Chamakuzhi Subramanian hemangcs at REDIFFMAIL.COM
Sun May 26 11:55:31 CDT 2002

Hello Somik,

  Thank you very much for your answer. my queries to your analysis
of the Question "If my father is a Brahmin by origin, do I
automatically qualify to be Brahman" can be found as below.

  >The Brahmins enjoyed deep respect and power as the upper most
caste insociety bcos of their learning.

Why is this uppermost coming into play here..for I am reading the
book "REbuild India"- Excerpts from swami vivekananda's
discourses..which says "A cobbler is in no way lower than a pujari
, for a pujari cannot sew the slippers, (essential for man) and a
cobbler can't do a puja either(again essential for man's life)".
as far as I remember there is no verse anywhere in the GITA, or
other Vedas/Upanishads(the original), etc. which substantiate the
superiority of one Varna over the other..If this is wrong kindly
give me the knowledge of the verses.

>The modern day duties are the ones you choose of your free will
>for yourself. You only have to follow your principles without
>hippocrisy throughout.

  So , shouldn't there be any discourse by our religious leaders,
etc. which throw light on this aspect of our Religion, the Varnas
based on one's present day KARMA.

    I somehow tend to feel that the difference in some of these
temples where they serve even food seperately to Brahmins(Brahman
becos' one's  dad is a Brahmin) and the common man in south India
is different.

   Even the Lord Adi Sankara fell at the feet of a Shudra..why
this difference then..why are people being so hypocritic? judging
ones caste by ones family of birth?

  Thanks and Regards.
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