Kamakshi of Kanci

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Dear members

Somebody knows about the image of the Goddess at Kanci, called Kamakshi? her
mythical or symbolic background and/or sources?
thank you for any kind of information,

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Subject: Re: Concept of personal God and Advaita

> Rama:
> Thank you for your explanations.  I can see one of the problems in
> discussing this of course, is the limiting aspect of language.
> First off, to perceive is to not only to become aware of through the
> but it also refers to achieving understanding.
> >I'll state the views of sureshvara in brief. The role
> > of perception is to reveal objects.
> So sureshvara is right, that perception is for sensory revelation, but the
> English word perception also can signify other types of revelation.
> The English word "experience" also has many definitions.  One involving
> senses, but one specifically meaning: "to participate personally in,
> undergo."  So to experience something also means to personally participate
> in it or undergo it.
> When I use the words perceive and experience (especially when we discuss
> these topics), I'm using them in the latter definitions.  I cannot think
> any other words (in the English language) that can encompass or capture
> knowledge" you speak of.
> As for your description of the PramANa-s. I understood your examples and I
> did some more reading and will continue reading to further understand.  As
> have questions, I can direct them to you or anyone else; such is the
> of the listserv.
> Your words about no contradictions existing in the PramANa-s.  That seems
> evident.  They all reveal the same Truths but from different standpoints
> (this seems to be a very common belief in Hinduism).
> We need not follow a particular one but listen to all, because all speak
> truth and lead to "One knowledge of Reality", right? Or wrong?
> So, we come to the question again, is scripture essential? And if so, in
> what way and why?
> And I wonder if scripture is essential in the way you mentioned.  I mean,
> we all seek what is Real and not what is said to be Real.  Words can only
> take us so far.  At some point we have to let go of the words.
> For example, some scriptures emphasize works for realization, some love,
> some knowledge, some emphasize only study of scripture itself.  Now, most
> would think these paths contradictory, but I'm sure you know otherwise.
> But what if revelation occurs without scriptures?  Then how are they
> essential?  How can revelation be explained minus scriptural study,
> according to advaita?  Or is it believed that revelation cannot occur
> without scripture?
> Lastly,
> I clipped this from GauDapAda's Karika, book 4.
> 73. What experience alone indicates to exist does not really exist.
> what other schools of thought assert to exist does not really exist.
> Does this not mean that at some point, even the scriptures are not
> essential?
> Can relying on scriptures for revelation be another form of attachment
> we seek to liberate ourselves from?   Attachment to words and systematized
> logic or systematized Sruti?  That prevents one from seeing Reality?
> Thanks for your help and suggestions.  I have much reading to do ;-)
> Stephanie

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