Concept of personal God and Advaita

Stephanie Stean cerebral_rose at MAC.COM
Thu May 23 06:26:27 CDT 2002

The use of the words experience and advaita are also concepts that are used
to describe something beyond our understanding.  For you to say advaita is
not normal experience makes sense to me.

Advaita is experience though (not normal experience), on a different level.
You could say it is more of an intuitive experience rather than a sensual
one.  Also, it is not a fleeting experience (temporal) but a permanent
"state" as you said.  But a person still "experiences" during Realization.

If the experience of advaita was not an experience of some sort at some
level, I don't believe there would be scriptures or literature telling us
about it.  How can you communicate what you have not experienced or known?

Does this make sense?  Or maybe you don't agree.  Thanks.

On 5/23/02 6:06 AM, "nanda chandran" <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>> Advaita also is apprehdended by experience, but a different kind of
>> experience that is based upon knowledge and realization of the Reality of
>> the Phenomenal World and of Ultimate Reality.
> See I'm talking about the experience of a normal person and not that of a
> realized sage - for a realized sage you neither need scriptures or Advaita
> philosophy.
> Non-dualism - a state where no difference is entertained between oneself and
> other objects in the world - is not open to normal experience.

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