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hemang Chamakuzhi Subramanian hemangcs at REDIFFMAIL.COM
Wed May 22 12:57:03 CDT 2002

Respected Ashish,

  Thank you very much for your answer to my query. Could
you/anyone kindly clarify the following questions(marked Q. below)
which I have regarding your answer.

>Before you ask these questions, you could probably have asked
>what is Advaita. It is Vedanta. Vedanta, that is the wisdom of
>the Upanishads,deals only with liberation.

>In so far as astrology and astronomy (Jyotish) is
concerned, these are a part of the Vaidik day-to-day life,
governing such things as Sankalpa, when a specific yajna is to be
performed etc.

     I totally Agree with this point of view of yours..but as is
known from our actions.. your actions of today determine your
course of life. Then if someone predicts what you are doing
tommorow and you believe that and live like that,
Q. where is the purpose solved.

  Correct me if I am wrong, please..

>Advaita considers all these to be a part of a Brahmachari's or
>Grihastha's duties,and it accepts them as such.

I do understand your logical reasoning that Jyotish is a part of
Vedanga and as a follower this forms a part of karma..but
   Q. Could you kindly illustrate where does it advocate/preach
this. which work of Bhagavatpada or any of the seers is
prognostication specifically mentioned as acceptable OR Is there
any discussion of this topic itself in the philosophy? (may be I
am being too explorative).

      As has been known from Sri Sankara's BIG DEBATE with Mandana
Mishra who was in the Grihastha ashrama following certain
rituals...*I personally, again with my limited knowledge * accept
that all such worldly things such as Jyotish, palm reading, etc.
to predict our future and such ritual remedies on par with the Mandana Mishra..

     .though surprisingly..many of the predictions bind to be
true.. This is my personal opinion that "If one does his duty
without trying to look too far into his/her future and
concenterating on his present wouldn't it amount to him Doing his
KARMA as he is entitled to..would it mean that he extrapolates
this to some future date and then rectifies it in his present.
Wouldn't it be apt to go forth and face your doshas..if there are
any..rather than trying to extrapolate and remedy it through

Q. what is the solution to this in the Advaitha philosophy?"

>The system of Purva Mimansa seeks answers to
>questions like what is Dharma and why we do what we do when we do
>various Vaidik karmas. Advaita deals with >Sannyasis and no
>karmas are enjoined on

   Thanks for your enlightening view. I strongly feel that Advaita
deals not only with Sanyasis but also with Grihasthas and other
forms of living, not just human life..but also all other forms.

Q.Could you elucidate where Shankara/other leaders have advocated
that The Tatva of Advaitha is meant only for "Sanyasis only"..

  Please pardon my ignorance and foolish questions..but as a
seeker I am attempting to understand this philosophy in its true
sense.. with practical implications.
  = Hemang
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