Concept of personal God and Advaita

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Thanks.  I began reading Sankara recently.  I should get much from it about

Best wishes,

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> Sankara has a commentary which is the standard  for Advaitins.  Aurobindo's
> interpretation is considerably different and less contrived. (according to
> me) Prabhupada is hopelessly anthropomorphic in all interpretations and Isha
> is no exception. Radhakrishnan was a western fellow and had not an iota of
> spirituality in him whatever be his reputation as a philosopher and and
> statesman.
>               with best wishes,
>                   Hemant
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  This is a query regarding the validity of the astrological
phenomenons that influence human existence and potential, and some
claim rule it all.

  It was the prognostication of Vyasa muni, lots of events did
happen in the Mahabharatha.

     Does any work of literature, of the Advaitha philosphy talk
of these methods of forecasting events in human life.... for it is
known "The allmighty is all pervasive and without the future,
past, present, unaffected by time"

     I have known that my parents/grandparents/etc. from Kerala
use the expertise of the "Panicker"- sort of  a soothsayer in
reading out the horoscope. Where in Advaita is it that, such
philosophies are perceptably supported or advocated... are there
any works by Shankara which refer to such methods.

      Are there any references to Palmistry,Tarots, Astrological
charts ,numerology, Pariharas for Doshas,etc. which are forecasted
using these methods.

      A well known psychological effect for a cause could be "Once
your futurue is predicted, as such you could tend to follow that
path truely in life".

      would like to know about any such literature available
pertaining to these, and the veracity of the facts provided if
verified/commented upon by any followers/saints of the modern .

Thanks in advance for showing me the light..for I need a defenite this long lasting query....which affects mine/probably
everybody's day to day thought process, work and force.

As a follower I need to know the limits to such.

Sarve JanaH sukHino Bhavanthu.
Hemang Subramanian
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