Etymology of a few words

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM
Tue May 21 15:44:21 CDT 2002

I am reposting the following message:

Namaste Ken-Ji,
Had posted a reply this morning but it never appeared
on the list.

Here I will try to summarize the reply from memory.

This exercise is not motivated by any particular shloka, it is
a general inquiry into the sanskrit language.

1. We have come across bija mantras. These are found on different
yantras. They are also mentioned in the context of kundalini and
the chakras.

2. We see association of consonants with the 35 tattvas of creation.

Is there a connection between 1 and 2 ?
Is sanskrit language a generalization of mantra shastra ?

This is the motivation behind my postings in this thread.

Within the Adviata school these topics would fall under Shri vidya.

Best regards
Shrinivas Gadkari

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