Concept of personal God and Advaita

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<<Well...what I can make out from your mail is that you are under ther
influence of ISCKON. But your mention of Kanchi Paramacharya offers some
hope. If you are a Smartha (or a follower of Sankara Sampradaya) you better
steer clear from Isckonite ideas as they are directly against Advaita and
reading and listening to their ideas leads to such a kind of zealous
poisoning of mind especially for a novice seeker that it will be hard to
Read Parmacharya's works. Deivathin Kural if you know Tamil. 7 volumes are
avialable. Read them all.
PS  : Please dont use Sripad for our Adi Shankara !!!
Best wishes
Anand K>>

Thank you very much Anand. Yes, I have read the commentary of Isopanishad
made available by ISKCON. I have also read their Srimad Bhagavatam and
Bhagavad Gita. I am also aware that they are against Advaita. I am a
Smartha and traditionally we are followers of Kanchi Pramacharya. In fact,
I am not convinced that the explanations of ISKCON are complete. My father
is a stauch follower of Paramacharya and only upon his advice that I
started reading Deivathin kural. So, hopefully I am not under any spell -:)
I find it very in depth, though I won't pretend that I understand
everything. Thank you for correcting me that I should not add any prefix to
Adi Sankara. I have seen Paramacharya using the title Bhagavadpada while
referring to Adi Sankara. Did my ignorant usage reduce the importance in
any way? If so, very sorry.

Thank you and regards,

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