Concept of personal God and Advaita

Stephanie Stean cerebral_rose at MAC.COM
Mon May 20 08:53:14 CDT 2002

> --- "Venkataramani K." <venkataramanik at AOL.COM> wrote:
>> Dear members,
>> At least 2 of the Upanisads that I have read, Isa and Svetasvatara,
>> describe the ultimate Supreme as a personal God. Also, Srimad
>> Bhagavatam
>> How does Sripad Adi Sankara deal with the above 2 upanisads and SB?

I would like to ask how the Isa Upanisad describes the Ultimate Supreme as a
Personal God?  During my readings, I never interpreted it this way?
And I'm most familiar with the commentary of S. Radhakrishnan.

Thanks for the information.

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