Concept of personal God and Advaita

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Hari Om. The concept of personal God is relevant as
long as we feel separate from Him. But if we can
transcend beyond shape, form and other attributes,
i.e. not reject them, but include them as a subset in
a superset, the idea of ourselves being separate from
God disappears and we realise that we are not separate
from Him and from other entities of the creation. It
is probably a matter of perspective.

And Sri Sankara is reverently referred as Sri

Swamy SV

--- K Anand <carex at VSNL.COM> wrote:
> Well...what I can make out from your mail is that
> you are under ther
> influence of ISCKON. But your mention of Kanchi
> Paramacharya offers some
> hope. If you are a Smartha (or a follower of Sankara
> Sampradaya) you better
> steer clear from Isckonite ideas as they are
> directly against Advaita and
> reading and listening to their ideas leads to such a
> kind of zealous
> poisoning of mind especially for a novice seeker
> that it will be hard to
> correct.
> Read Parmacharya's works. Deivathin Kural if you
> know Tamil. 7 volumes are
> avialable. Read them all.
> PS  : Please dont use Sripad for our Adi Shankara
> !!!
> Best wishes
> Anand K
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> From: Venkataramani K. <venkataramanik at AOL.COM>
> Sent: Friday, May 17, 2002 11:21 PM
> Subject: Concept of personal God and Advaita
> > Dear members,
> >
> > At least 2 of the Upanisads that I have read, Isa
> and Svetasvatara,
> > describe the ultimate Supreme as a personal God.
> Also, Srimad Bhagavatam
> > describes the Supreme as a person. On the other
> hand, Advaita vedanta
> > considers Nirguna Brahman as Supreme and the
> concept of form has any
> > relevance only so far as the structural world is
> considered, that is only
> > as Saguna Brahman. Even that seems to manifest due
> to maya.
> >
> > How does Sripad Adi Sankara deal with the above 2
> upanisads and SB? In
> > general, how does the advaita vedanta school
> reconcile with the concept of
> > personal form as highlighted as Supreme in these
> works? I have seen in
> some
> > writings of Kanchi Paramacarya where he quotes
> from SB. What is the
> > position accorded to SB by advaita school? Is it
> considered on par with
> > shrutis as is done by some vaishnava schools,
> especially Gaudiya
> > vaishnavas? Or is it considered only as a path to
> realizing the Brahman?
> >
> > Please note that I am a beginner so far as
> knowledge goes. Please feel
> free
> > to correct me, if my understanding in the above
> paragraphs have been
> faulty.
> >
> > Thank you and regards,
> > K.Venkataramani
> >

in search of truth and with prayers to Govinda to help reach  that goal in this life itself, and with best wishes to you that your goals may be reached,

yours sincerely,

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