Gayatri Mantra

Somik Raha somik at YAHOO.COM
Thu May 16 23:12:34 CDT 2002

> > There is no explicit authoritative Sruti that debars women from reciting
> > Vedas.
> >
> There is no Shruti that bars you from licking an electrical socket either.
> what does that prove?

Is the reciting of vedas by women to be considered so harmful that we must
prevent them ?
I have heard another opinion on this matter - that the vedas and the Gayatri
Matra perhaps - these inculcate spirituality. It is alright for men to
follow this path - but if women do so - then there would be an imbalance in
the population  (traditionally there had been more men than women) and
eligible men wouldnt be able to find women to marry. Therefore the
benevolent Brahmins put in this restriction to ensure that the civilization
moves on unhindered.

Of course I cant quote a shastra or something like that - but knowing the
contribution of Brahmins in distorting several scriptures to maintain their
superiority - it is something that can be deemed possible - just the same as
one would attribute to the Catholic clergy for introducing all kinds of
stipulations in Christianity which was never there from the beginning.

The Gita too has one particular sloka which sounds a bit demeaning to
women - it goes something like - "Even a woman can attain..." - now I found
it hard to believe that Lord Krishna would make such an utterance. I was
told that obviously Lord Krishna did not write the Gita - and it was seen
and heard by Sanjaya, and written down by Veda Vyasa, and for thousands of
years has been passed down. It is very likely that this reference to women
has crept in based on the prevailing assumptions of women's rights.

Besides- it seems to me so shocking that the Gayatri matra - written by a
woman - should not be recited by women! The mantra is so beautiful - it
talks about universal brotherhood and harmony - how can it destroy
motherhood in a woman ?


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