Food and mind

Somik Raha somik at YAHOO.COM
Thu May 16 22:34:56 CDT 2002

This was a great mail to read. I have actually been aware of these various
points. In fact, one should not take food which is eaten by another, but if
the other is a great guru or deity, then his eating it, passes on the good
things to you. The "jhootha" becomes "prasad".

You are 100% correct- these are indisputable facts. But I am also told that
if you take neither credit nor harm - and give it all to the Lord, then it
is not supposed to affect you - at least thats what Krishna tells Arjuna in
Sankhya Yoga, and later as well. How do we see these rules in the light of
that. That is the essence of my entire argument - that if you believe in the
karma yoga philosophy and take neither credit nor sin, then should these
fruits affect you ? It is quite another debate about the difficulty of
achieving such a state.

> [1]  I ate restaurant food for a long time.  I have given it up for the
> 6 months and I see a huge difference.

It always makes a diff when I eat veg food at home. I totally agree.


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