Why svarga and naraka exist

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Hari Om !!

I understand, In the IsaVasya upanishad bhashya,
Bhagavan Sankara comments: "Asushu Ramate iti - Asura"
(forgive incomplete explanation). Those who revel in
the ephemeral pleasures of this world, thinking these
are ultimate reality, though they are Sorrows/Tears is
ASURA).. So, we are all demons to different degrees.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


 is definitely among all of us
--- Vivek Anand Ganesan <v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> --- ShrI Vaidya Sundaram wrote :
> > namaskaram.
> >  One also has to be cognizant of statements in the
> Srimad
> > Bhagavatam that
> > this world here is both swarga and naraka as well,
> > depending on the experiencer.
> Is there an adhyAtmic explanation for svargam and
> narakam?
> Last deepavaLi ( southies call it so unlike "diwali"
> as it
> is called up north ) I was searching the web for any
> article about the deeper significance of the
> festival.
> I found one by Swami Krishnanadaji ( to my dismay I
> am not
> able to find the bookmark ) where he explained that
> narakAsura is in fact just a fallen man. Actually,
> asura-s
> are cousins of deva-s but they have "fallen" due to
> their
> immoral life.  Also, there are asuraic tendencies (
> tamas )
> and devaic tendencies (sattvic) in every human. The
> real
> idea behind slaying the asura-s etc. is that we all
> should
> try to slay the demonaic tendencies within us.
> Swamiji also
> explained that naraka is from "nara" i.e. humans
> create
> their own hell by leading the wrong life and going
> after
> ephemeral things. The same humans have the power to
> reform
> and seek jnAna. It was really a wonderful article.
> -Vivek.
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