Why svarga and naraka exist

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--- ShrI Vaidya Sundaram wrote :
> namaskaram.
>  One also has to be cognizant of statements in the Srimad
> Bhagavatam that
> this world here is both swarga and naraka as well,
> depending on the experiencer.
Is there an adhyAtmic explanation for svargam and narakam?
Last deepavaLi ( southies call it so unlike "diwali" as it
is called up north ) I was searching the web for any
article about the deeper significance of the festival.
I found one by Swami Krishnanadaji ( to my dismay I am not
able to find the bookmark ) where he explained that
narakAsura is in fact just a fallen man. Actually, asura-s
are cousins of deva-s but they have "fallen" due to their
immoral life.  Also, there are asuraic tendencies ( tamas )
and devaic tendencies (sattvic) in every human. The real
idea behind slaying the asura-s etc. is that we all should
try to slay the demonaic tendencies within us. Swamiji also
explained that naraka is from "nara" i.e. humans create
their own hell by leading the wrong life and going after
ephemeral things. The same humans have the power to reform
and seek jnAna. It was really a wonderful article.


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