Gayatri Mantra

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Thu May 16 09:35:35 CDT 2002

yathemaam vaacham kalyaaniimaavadaaniim janebhyah |
brahmarajanyaabhyaam shudraaya chaaryaaya cha svaaya chaaranayaa cha ||

There is one more hemistisch of the mantra but I do not recall that. The
mantra is also found in the Kanva Samhita.


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From: Ashish Chandra <ramkisno at HOTMAIL.COM>
 >So does this contradict other components of the
 >Sastras ?  It seems many reformist Hindus subscribe to
 >the translation mentioned above.  I hope some of you
 >all would please shed some light on the above
 >mentioned translation.

Dear Ravi,

I read the information you provided in the link but could not make out
whether this was the opinion of the writer of the introduction or an
actual quotation from the Veda. I am not certain why the verses from SYV
XXVI-2 are not mentioned. But I think this question is best answered by
someone who has a copy of SYV and can post the relevant mantra as well as
its meaning. Maybe Jaldhar?


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