How many Gita's?

Erik Mossel largo at PLANET.NL
Tue May 14 09:42:28 CDT 2002

Sri Ganehsaya Namah!

Last year, April 7, 2001, Malolan Cadambi put a question about the number of
Gita?s. It came to this list member?s attention that there are some 32
different Gita?s circulating.

On the same day Kartik Vashishta already replied that Sri Svami Sivanandaji
Mahasvami published a book under the title --Sarva Gita Sara--.

The Divine Life Society website

still lists the book discribing the title mentioned as -- a celestial key,
in the words of the author himself, to gain entry into the domain of Divine
Life and Splendour. These Gitas containing living messages from illumined
seers present the loftiest flights of the grand Advaita-vada. Undoubtedly a
precious text-book and constant companion for every seeker.--

Now the website of Sanskrit Documents Lists at

mentions a total of 25 Gita?s: -

- anugiitaa
- ashhTaavakragiitaa
- avadhuuta giitaa
- bodhyagiitaa
- braahmaNagiitaa
- brahmagiitaa
- gurugiitaa
- ha.nsagiitaa
- haariitagiitaa
- jiivanamuktigiitaa
- ma.nkigiitaa
- paaraasharagiitaa
- paNDavagiitaa
- pingalagiitaa
- raamagiitaa
- ribhugiitaa
- Rishhabhagiitaa
- shampaakagiitaa
- shhaDjagiitaa
- shrutigiitaa
- uddhava giitaa
- utathyagiitaa
- vaamadevagiitaa
- vichakhnugiitaa
- vR^itragiitaa

When I?m well informed there are also various Gita?s circulating where
Krishna?s name is being replaced by that of popular deities, e.g. --Ganesha
Gita-- and the like. Can anybody comment on this?

My all prosper

Erik Mossel

Hari OM!

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