lalitaa sahasranAma: uttara piiThikaa - Some verses to consider (81 - 84)

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Thu May 9 18:43:31 CDT 2002

verse 83

yo dadaati vimuuDhaatma shriividyaarahitaaya cha |
tasmai kupyanti yoginyaH so.anartha sumahaansmRitaH ||

If a person (a foolish one) gives away this stotram to one who is not
initiated to shriividya, then yogini-s curse him and it is a great loss
to him.

1) This verse is a pretty strong statement than verse 81 and tells the

2) Again the person being cursed here is the one who gives it and not
the one receives it.

3) Even for trishati (if I remember correctly), the curse is on the
teacher (who has the responsibility).

4) If someone starts this say from a book, instead of a teacher. I
guess, the problem is squarely on the saadhaka himself. May be whoever
published the book or www page should warn the reader of the
conquences. I have not seen this most of the published works.

5) There is a possibility that the teacher is strong enough to take the
consequences, or in a position greater than the yogini-s, then such a
curse would not be effective. Your best bet would be to find such a
person, if you are not keen on getting into shriividya.

Please note these are all my ignorant comments. You can simplete delete
it and say deletE svAha | deletE idam na mama || :-))


ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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