Help on Aruna Prashnah

bhaskar.yr at IN.ABB.COM bhaskar.yr at IN.ABB.COM
Wed May 8 23:05:53 CDT 2002

Dear Sandeep
Hare Krishna
You can get the Audio cassettes on Aruna Prashna chanted by Challakere
Brothers at Vedanta Book House, Chamrajpet with breif introduction.  Apart
from this, you can enquire with Mr. Gangadhara Shastry,  Sharada Vidya
Kendra, T.R. Nagar, B.lore -28 (just opp. to Dattatreya Temple), I think he
has published this book with interpretation from his publication vidya
ganapati prakashana.  Hope this would help you.

Best wishes & happy reading.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!


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