New member introduction: Lalita Iyer

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Mon May 6 09:03:13 CDT 2002

  "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM> wrote:
Dear Lalita,
Welcome to the list. Wishing you a very happy and  a useful time while going through the messages in this list. You will find that all the members are very learned and will help you to find your own understanding of Advaita augmented to your own benefit.
Hari Om!
Swaminarayan.Harihi Om,

I thank you for the offer. I live in Mumbai My name is Lalita
and my mail i.d lalita_iyer at I would love to be a member. We are
getting the writings from our brother shri Swaminarayan at Chennai. I have
been studying vedanta from Shri Uday Acharaya who is a deciple of Swami
Dayanada Saraswati for the last 10 years.At present he is doing the Brhama
sutram. Regards. Lalita

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