Etymology of a few words

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Fri May 3 17:02:07 CDT 2002

>prakruti : prathama kruti (?)
>           first creation

Simply means "at first" or "original condition".

>shiva : ?
>(is often translated to mean destruction, negative and sometimes
>translated as pure)
>related term : shava means corpse, are shiva and shava related ?

Not in a strict etymological sense, but by a creative play on words. It is a
popular saying "Shiva without Shakti is Shava" The intended reference here
is to the fact that i-kAra, the sound i, represents Shakti.

>shambhu : ?

sham = good; shambhu = born of good, or from whom good is born.

therefore, the meaning is benificient, kindly, benevolent etc.

>sama = balance, equalize
>There are many words beginning with sama like:
>samadhi, samskar, samhita, samasara

sam is a prefix meaning, "well" or "thoroughly" or "good". What it is
prefixed to provides the primary meaning.

e.g. samskRta - well-done, developed, thoroughly done.
samhita/samhata - well placed together, or appropriate conjunction/joining.

The role as a prefix is different from the word sama, meaning equal.

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