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Namaste Himanshu,

Thank you for the posting which has given me a few
more pointers to follow.  In due course I would like
to take up these points but I need to put in some more
study so that specific questions may be raised.
I should not break up your posting into parts for
comment so maybe those interested can look back to
your posting as it is a valuable summary.

I am going to set out below a diagram that I collected
from somewhere in the distant past, long before I had
heard of Bhartrihari and sphota theory.  I wonder if
you recognise it and could point me to its source.  I
have used it to illustrate how the words spoken are
not heard and it is very recognisable for people.

        (Out)                         (Return)

        sphota                        sphota
        dhAtu                         dhAtu

        pada                          pada

        vacana                        indriya

To explain. Out from the vibration in the pranava
shabda emerges the sphota containing the root form of
the word that emerges on the tongue as vacana, the
spoken word of the culture. The listener hears the
sound and the return journey, in the pure of
heart/intellect, enters into memory, there to vibrate.
HOWEVER, on this perfect journey lies the bandit
sanskAra. This can, and usually does, interupt the
outward flow and the emerging vacana now carries the
impurities in the individual's desires for the fruits
of the speech.  Similarly, at the same point in the
listener, that one's impurities come into the game and
we have a circle going around with none of the true,
initial sphota entering into memory. Speaker to
listener is a superficial cycle trapping, binding both
in delusion.  We all do it every day.

Have you seen this diagram before and has it an
authoritative source or do you think that it is the
construct of someone's own interpretation of sphota

Thanks for your encouraging words,

ken Knight

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