Kashmiri Shaivism

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Thu May 2 03:46:11 CDT 2002

ken knight wrote:

> --- Shrinivas Gadkari <sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> >On the other hand, a typical
> > follower of the Shaiva
> > darshana tends to celebrate the world of duality -
> > although it
> > is an illusion !
> Namaste Shrinivas,
> Without having a full enough study of Kashmiri
> Saivism..this is being gradually corrected at the
> moment...I find mysself in full agreement with you at
> the moment.
> I have posted, at different times in the past, my own
> thoughts on this but no one has come back to tell me
> off or correct my error so I am left thinking, 'Am I
> just being very silly suggesting such a thing.'

No, you are definitely not!

> My view is this: 'Neti, Neti' must go on ad infinitum.
>  The veils of adhyasa and avidya just get thinner and
> thinner. As Vedanta says and Shankara confirms, 'Words
> and mind fall away from the Self.'

Very good. I had been putting in in the words : "the Realization
is an asymptotic process."

> It seems to me that there comes a point where the the
> 'na' of 'na iti' drops away and we affirm 'iti,iti'.
> This is affirming the lila as the full and glorious
> manifestation (purnamidam etc.)

Sadhu ! Sadhu!

> This moment is instantaneous and transcends time so
> the affirmation is not contrary to the negation, they
> co-exist.  As with Shiva and Shakti, they are One.

Ken, I completely agree with you. You have expressed it
clearly and concisely. One could not put it better.

Writing any more on this would be only play of words.

I think the seeming differences between Kashmir Shaivism
and Kevala Advaita are just that -- seeming differences.

-- Himanshu


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