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Subrahmanian, Sundararaman V [IT] sundararaman.v.subrahmanian at CITIGROUP.COM
Fri Jun 28 09:14:23 CDT 2002

I just read the following today morning.  This is from Jnaneshwari by Sri M.
R. Yardi:

Begin quote:

It is beyond doubt that Sri Shankara and Sri Jnaneshwar were both
non-dualists.  In the 9th chapter, Sri Jnaneshwar states:

"The Supreme Self is formless, without limiting conditions, inactive, beyond
the qualities, changeless, formless, all-pervasive, unmanifest and non-dual.
But people ascribe form to the formless, formalities to one devoid of
limiting conditions, actions to the inactive, qualities to the qualityless
and a location to the all pervasive.  They attribute manifestation to
unmanifest and desires to the desireless and speak of him as an agent and
experiencer though he is not so.

The Lord says "They ascribe to Me caste, though I am casteless and feet,
hands, ears, eyes and lineage and habituation, though I do not possess on
any one of these.  Although I am self-existent, they make an idol of Me and
consecrate it and although I pervade everything, they invoke Me and dismiss
Me.  Thus making and idol of Me, they worship it and when it breaks they
throw it away.  Infact they ascribe to Me all human qualities.

Such is their false knowledge which comes in the way of true knowledge.

End quote.

1.  Jnaneshwari is a Marathi commentary on gItA by Sri Jnaneshwar (13th
Century AD)
2.  The above is commentary for a few verses in b. gItA, chapter 9.


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