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> Namaste Kenji and members interested in this topic,
Namaste Shrinivas,

> My contemplation makes me associate ra with roaring
> sound rrrrrrr... . Roaring is a manifestation of
> anger.
> This is the closest I could get to agni.

I would like to come back on this and your other
comments in a couple of days if I may as i would like
to concentrate upon the Kena Upanishad exercise that
has come this way and also prepare some basic texts
for some people who are having a study day here on
Saturday and I have no idea what they require.

This is such an important topic because the work you
are doing reflecting upon the individual sounds will
purify our speech and this can be passed on for the
service of present and future generations. There is a
treasure of lost knowledge awaiting here. As Confucius
stated when asked how to right society when it has
lost its way,"Correct language".

The book 'The Garland of Letters' is one of several by
Sir John Woodruffe.  I must admit to passing his work
by when I first met it in the library at Ramanashram
because I was more interested in having a better
understanding of Shankara's advaita vedanta. I am now
being pushed towards his work once more so I thank you
for helping the process and I will come back on this
one as well.

I will get back to you soon,

Ken Knight

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