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Hari Om !!

I read this following sentence in a book only

"A book of thirty-one chapters published in 1922, by
John Woodroffe which is an indepth exploration and
explanation of the Sanskrit alphabet or letters as a
key to understanding the esoteric meanings of mantra
as given in the Tantric Sastra. The "Garland" in the
title refers to the letters of alphabet which Devi
wears areound Her neck as the originator of sounds and

See if this helps. If you get to read it please post
your synopsys.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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> On Thu, 23 May 2002 14:25:08 -0700, ken knight
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> >‘ra issues out of ri through its conjunction with
> ‘a’.
> > Jayaratha explains that the sound ra flashes forth
> >instantaneously like lightning, whereas a phoneme
> has
> >a certain duration, and he adds that in Shiva there
> is
> >no objectivity (whereas it is already there at the
> >level of the phonemes ra and la). Further,
> according
> >to tradition and not only in the Trika, the phoneme
> >‘ra’ is regarded as the seed of fire agnibIja. So
> when
> >the power of will, in its undisturbed form, flashes
> >forth instantaneously like lightning, the phoneme
> ri
> >will arise; and in its undisturbed form, equally
> >bright but comparatively more stable, rI will
> arise;
> >then, when this twofold energy appears as stability
> or
> >stillness (sthairaya,nishcalatA), a state belonging
> to
> >earth (l^i,l^I) will arise.   Padoux p.255-6
> >
> Namaste Kenji and members interested in this topic,
> Picking this topic after a break of about a month.
> You have pointed that ra is agni bIja, and have been
> struggling to understand the relation between the
> sound ra and agni.
> My contemplation makes me associate ra with roaring
> sound rrrrrrr... . Roaring is a manifestation of
> anger.
> This is the closest I could get to agni.
> Then Shra has to do with quieting anger. (Since in
> an earlier post I gave reasons to associate Sh with
> quieting).
> Comments are welcome.
> Best regards
> Shrinivas Gadkari

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