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> Sri Ramanuja's philosophy doesn't agree that
> "anything
> that has a beginning and an end must be unreal",
> which
> is the crux of Advaita. That's why per Visistadvaita
> even when someone mistakes rope for a snake, the
> snake
> is real in the eyes of the person for that much time
> since the effects like "sweating", "screaming" are
> all
> real and just in the same fashion the jagat is
> *real*
> since it's experienced as is.
> Regards,
> chandrasekaran.

Shree Chandrasekaran - what you mentioned is actually
the philosophy of Madhva- that gives importance for
experience as the pramaa.  Ramanuja's philosophy is
little more different - it is adviata in terms of
totality or Brahman - the vishishhta comes in the
sense that the Brahman has internal differences -
swagata bheda-s and the internal differences exist
since that Brahman is made up of both jiiva-s and
prakriti as its body. The reality of all three is
assumed.  The changes is only interms of
transformation of subtle to gross etc.  Hence even if
it changes there is no permanent distruction and hence
is real. Lord pervades as one in both subtle and
grosser froms as antaryaami.  Hence it is vishishTa
adviata. In the silver pearl example Ramanuja explains
that there is tiny silver part that manifests in terms
of its quality of shining. The brahma part is only
taking that tiny part as complete and going after that
silver and recogning that the major part is shell
rather than silver.  Thus there is an error.

I am currently writing notes on Shree Bhaashya from
advaitin's perspective and hopefully resume my series
on Brahmasuutra from Shankara and Ramanuja's

Hari OM!

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Subject: Weekly page from Hindu Dharma: Empirical Proof

This week's page from Hindu Dharma (see note at bottom) is "Empirical Proof" from "Jyotisa". The original page can be found at

Next week, you will be emailed "Hand of the Vedapurusa" (from "Kalpa")

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Empirical Proof
from Jyotisa, Hindu Dharma

      A ray of light pouring through an opening in the roof of a building falls on a particular spot. Normally, we shall not be able to tell where the same ray of light will fall next year. But a prediction can be made with the help of Jyotisa. This is how it was done in the olden days. A pearl attached to a thread was hung from the roof. If a man was able to indicate correctly in advance where its shadow would fall on a particular day, he received a reward from the king. One's competence in other sastras is established through argument, but in Jyotisa it has to be proved by actual demonstration. You cannot deceive anyone by employing the methods taught by this science. The sun and the moon are witness to what you do. "Pratyaksam Jyotisam sastram. "

Hindu Dharma is a translation of two volumes of the well known Tamil Book "Deivatthin Kural", which, in turn, is a book of 6 volumes that contains talks of His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamiji of Kanchipuram. The entire book is available online at .

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