Stephanie Stean cerebral_rose at MAC.COM
Thu Jun 13 11:27:37 CDT 2002


>Probably what you are trying to differentiate is

>1. Knowledge of brahman
>2. Knowledge of brahman as an object

Yes, this is what I'm differentiating.  But also something more;
knowledge of Brahman is a process, usually pursued by the paths of jnana
yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga.

But Knowledge of Brahman (like you mentioned below) is Understanding.

>(1) is the knowledge that is traditionally called moksha as it frees us from
>our limitations.  This comes from understanding the true meaning of
>mahAvAkyas that you are brahman.  Nothing short of it.

So, jnana signifies three types of knowledge?  Or ways of knowledge,

First two:

>1. Knowledge of brahman
>2. Knowledge of brahman as an object

 But it also signifies the process of knowing (again, through whatever
path).  Is this correct?

I hope my questions and comments are clear.  Let me know if I need to
clarify, please.

And I'll take a look at the website.  Thanks for suggesting it.

Take care,

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