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Hari Om. I would say the initial stages are when one's
mind is being pulled and pushed by the bonds of
materialistic desires and the desire to break free
from those desires. Atma Jnana is probably like sun
behind clouds, which occassionally move away and
reveal the sun. Even this stage is probably obtained
by a lot of Purva Janma Punyam.

When the mind is pure, Kama steps aside and Rama
starts shining forth. As mentioned in Sri Tripura
Rahasya, this stage may be transitory, but with
Sadhana the stage of mental purity and the consequent
Atma Anand grows stronger and ultimately, the Sadhaka
is always in that blissful state. Probably this part
ansers Sri Jaladhar's query also.

Swamy SV

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> Hari Om !!
> --- Swarna Venkateswara Swamy
> <truthseeker123x at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> > Hari Om. does that mean that while trying to break
> > free of Karma, one has to still do one's
> swadharma,
> > enjoined in the sastras? If one does develop true
> > atma
> > jnanam, karma becomes infructuous. Only karma is
> > needed to purify the mind in the initial stages.
> What is the definition of initial stage ?? When and
> how does one know that mind has attained purity and
> it
> is sufficient ??
> Om Namo Narayanaya !!
> Srikrishna
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in search of truth and with prayers to Govinda to help reach  that goal in this life itself, and with best wishes to you that your goals may be reached,

yours sincerely,

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Srimathe nArAyanAya namaha

Dear Sadhakas,

I wish to know more about AbhirAmi Bhattar's provenance (when he
lived) and other biographical details.

Thanks in Advance,


Malolan Cadambi

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