Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM
Tue Jun 4 14:40:27 CDT 2002

> Jaldhar wrote:
> It seems familiar.  Is it the story of Raja Harishchandra?  And the
> Chandala was Vishnu Bhagawan in disguise to whom lacking any 
> more food, he
> offers his own flesh.

  I am not sure if it is Harichandra. There is a story about 
Manu Chakravarthi, I think, who gives his flesh to a vulture 
to save a pigeon which takes refuge on his lap. The vulture
and the pigeon were actually devas in disguise.

Jaldhar, were you going to post the "Kunthi Stuthi"? Just checking..
Please let's know.

Thanks and regards,

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