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Hari Om !!

I found the following info on the web:

"The region that spreads amidst three famous Shiva
shrines, at Kalahasti, Srisailam and   Draksharaman
was called Trilinga."

"Drakasharama is located in East Godavari district
near   Kakinada. Rajahmundry is the nearest airport.
Draksharama constitues one of the five Arama kshetras
of Andhra Pradesh, sacred to Shiva, the other four
being Kumararama, Ksheerarama and Bheemarama and
Amararama. Draksharama, Sree Sailam and Kaleswara
together constitute the three sacred Shivalingams of
Andhra Pradesh, giving it  its ancient name Trilinga

Legend has it that when Subramanya killed the demon
Tarakasura, the Shivalingam in his throat broke and
fell in five different spots, which became the
Panchaarama kshetras. The foremost of these is
Amareswara at Amaravati where Indra and the Devas are
believed to have worshipped Shiva.

Legend also has it that Vyasa installed the
Shivalingam at Draksharama. Legend also has it that
Draksharama was the site of Daksha yagna. Since it is
believed that Sati immolated herself at the site of
her father's sacrificial hall, no sacrificial yagna
rituals are performed here.

Yet another legend has it that when Shiva destroyed
the three Tripuras (Tripura Samharam), all that was
left was a Shivalingam, and that he divided it into
five pieces and placed them for worship at the
Panchaarama shrines."

"Etymology of the word Telugu


Contributed by Ramana Juvvadi
(juvvadi at


The most popular explanation that is given to the word
telugu is that it comes from the word trilinga, i.e.
from the three temples at Srisailam, Drakasharamam,
and Kaleshwaram. However, not many scholars accept
this view. Let us examine some of them here.

 Khandavalli Lakshmi Ranjanam
It probably comes from the word talaing . Since tala
refers to head, talaings refers to leaders. Probably,
talaings were civilized people and conquered the
tribals in the area of current Andhra pradesh. Hence
the name talaings. Later this must have given rise to
the words telungu and trilinga .

 Godavarti Ramadasu
Some say that the word telugu comes from the Sanskrit
forms trilinga or trikalinga: Actually, the word
kalinga itself is a Dravidian word. In Kui language,
rice is called Kulinga. Since Kuis were mainly rice
eaters, Aryans might have called them kulingas or

 Marepalli Ramachandra Shastri
In Gondi languahge, unga is form for plural. telu
means white. Hence, telunga probably refers to people
who are white in complexion.

 Ganti Jogi Somayaji
ten refers to south in Proto-Dravidian. Hence tenungu
refers to Southerners.
Which of the two words is older? telugu or tenugu ?
Some say that tenugu is older than telugu because
Nannaya used the word tenugu and Ketana who is younger
than Nannaya used the word telugu in his Andhra
Bhaashaa Bhushanam. Malliya Raechana wrote a grammar
book (Lakshana Granthamu) called Kavi Janaashrayamu.
But he didn't use this word in the place of 'praasa'
anywhere, so we are not sure what he really used.

The popular notion is that the first person to use the
word trilinga is Vidyanaatha in Kakatiya era.
Actually, the first person to use the word trilinga is
Rajashekhara in Vidhdhasaala Bhanjika. He is the first
person to use trilinga with a ra vattu . Markandeya
and Vayu Puranas mention only tilinga. One of the
oldest works in Tamil called Agattiyam says Konganam
Kannadam Kollam telungam . On the whole, it is more
probable that the word telugu is older than the word
tenugu. "

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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> >
> > First of all Andhara Pradesh is not another name
> for
> > Telangana. For all practical purposes Andhara
> Pradesh
> > is considered to be of three geographic/climatic
> > zones: Coastal districts (Kosta area),
> Rayalaseema,
> > and Telangana.
> >
> > Sri Mallikharjuna Swami Temple in Srisailam falls
> > under Rayalaseema region (Kurnool District)
> >
> Ok my knowledge of the geography of those parts is
> sketchy.  But I've
> heard the idea that Telang comes from tri-linga
> elsewhere too.  And I do
> believe Shri Mallikarjuna was mentioned as one of
> the three.  My neigbors
> are form Vishakapatnam which I believe is on the
> coast.
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