Value of Prayer

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On Tue, 4 Jun 2002, Swarna Venkateswara Swamy wrote:

> Hari Om. does that mean that while trying to break
> free of Karma, one has to still do one's swadharma,
> enjoined in the sastras?

As long as one maintains the idea of bheda, karma is being done.  Of all
the various types of karma, it is ones swadharma performed not for any
reward but as a sacrifice to the Lord (karmayoga) that does the least

> If one does develop true atma
> jnanam, karma becomes infructuous. Only karma is
> needed to purify the mind in the initial stages. Once
> a pure mind is obtained, the true self starts shining
> through and only bhakti is necessary to preserve the
> purity and to prevent the mushrooming of the petty ego
> again.

If it is true atmajnana there is no possibility of the ego increasing
again.  Bhakti at that stage is just the recognition of the Self by the

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