Value of Prayer

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Jun 1 22:54:42 CDT 2002

>The peethAthipathis or heads of the Mutts cannot issue papal bulls or
>encyclicals which in the west of the 15th century was law.
>The peethAthipathis and the mutts are governed by federal and state
>laws on charitable organisations.

So do these reasons in anyway deny that the mathaas are organisations or the
mathaadhipathis are preceptors?

Just because they don't do things the Christian or Islamic way, doesn't in
anyway mean that they aren't organized. The mathaas and their heads do
things their own way - it is their own style of organization.

Hindus, especially the Western educated variety, should rise above narrow
definitions of terms solely based on western concepts.

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