Advaita and the Gita

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Sat Jun 1 09:40:39 CDT 2002

Dear Sri.Hemant,

I have read some of Sri Aurobino's work, but it is Adi Sankara's advaita that
I want to learn and practice. That is the very purpose of my joining this
group. If I had wanted to learn and practice Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga,
then I would have joined one of the mailing lists of Sri Aurobindo ashram. If
I am quoting a school different from Adi Sankara's it is because I am seeking
information through comparison - certainly not because I am here to
disseminate another school of philosophy and convert members.

This list has given me a living space on the web and the administrators have
given me the freedom to post my doubts, views and replies without hindrance.
I am thankful for that. I find it a little distasteful, foranyone, to solicit
members over to another forum/out of this group, while utilising the very
services provided by this group. Sorry for being so direct. My intention is
not to hurt you, but to make my feelings clear. Please don't construe that I
am against Sri Aurobindo. I have a lot of regards for him, as I have for many
other great saints of India.


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