avadhut Gita etc.

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Fri Jan 25 02:56:42 CST 2002

--- Raghavendra Hebbalalu <hs_raghavendra at YAHOO.COM>
> namaH sarvebhyaH,
> I suppose the discussion is about  a separate
> avadhUta
> gItA attributed to Lord dattAtreya. The story of the
> avadhUta and his 24 gurus appears in the uddhava
> gItA.

Thanks to you and Vishal for this addition to our
thread. Since my last posting I 'Googled' and found
that the complete translation by H.P.Shastri of
Dattatreya's Avadhut Gita is available on the Web. I
also found that Amazon has cheap copies of two
versions with the Sanskrit transliteration. If people
have not met this work may I recommend it as a direct
advaitin text.
Om sri ram
ken knight

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