Jnana and Bhakti

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1) advaita-vedAnta teaches two distinct paths: pravRtti and nivRtii

2) These two cannot be mixed and matched, and they are designed for
different adhikaari-s.

3) nivRtii marga is j~nAna maarga and it comprises of shravaNa, manana
and nidhidhyAsana.

4) adhikaari for nivRtti maarga is a sannyaasin.

5) Renunciation starts with external renunciation and through abhyAsa
it leads to true inner renunciation.

6) It is a 20 century myth that only inner renunciation matters. It is
false. Inner renunciation will come as a result of taking sannyAsa. Let
us save janaka for better purposes.

7) For those who do not qualify for nivRtti maarga, there is pravRtii

8) PravRtti marga is based on karma and upaasana.

9) Done with the spirit of phala tyaaga to iishvara,  this will lead to
chitta shuddhi and prepare the saadhaka for renunciation.

10)karma and jnAna are antagonistic to each other and cannot be
practised simultaneously.

11) mukti is through jnAna only.

12) For mukti, jnAna is antaranga: internal or essential aid.

13) For mukti, karma and upAsana are at best bahiranga or external aid
which is preparatory in nature.

14) bhakti depending on how it is defined can either fall into karma
side or jnAna side.

15) bhakti with distinct bheda buddhi is upAsana and  it is a
bahiranga. It is on karma maarga side.

16) bhakti if defined as nididhyAsana, that is a constant contemplation
of  Atman (or God with underlying notion of identity abedha buddhi)
falls on the jnAna side.

Key idea is pravRtti and nivRtti marga-s are for DIFFERENT adhikari-s
and CANNOT BE PRACTISED SIMULTANEOUSLY.  This is  well indicated in
shankara bhaashya of iishaavasyopanishad.

This is my understanding. I just wrote from the top of my head.  Please
correct/comment; and forgive my ignorance. TIA.

ambaaL daasan


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