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--- Swaminarayan T <tvswaminarayan at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> The reference I have of the Avadhut Gita of
> Dattatreya
> is translated by SwamiChetanananda,who in 1984, was
> the head of the Vedanta Society of St.Louis,U.S.A.
> This Avadhut Gita has 271 verses divided into 8
> Chapters.
> Could you kindly give me the sanskrit words in the
> 1st,16th and 17th slokas in the book you have.Maybe
> it
> is an abridged version giving only the most relevent
> of the verses sung by the Avadhuta?

Dear Swaminarayan
Many thanks for this information. H.P.Shastri's
version..which I have..has no Sanskrit, just his
English translation so I must seek another version. He
has not said that he has abridged the text but clearly
has. So I am very grateful for you posting this
> Secondly,I wish to inform you that I am still trying
> to analyse the Chitta part of our Internal Organ!The
> more references I seek for the usage of this part of
> our Sukshma Sharira I find that more and more of the
> commentators including Chinmyanandaji have commented
> on the Chitta equating it with Manas.
> Why? Even Gaudapada(Sorry for bringing this Acharya
> again into our discussion.I will most certainly give
> you the verse numbers in my next posting )has stated
> as follows leading me to believe that the Acharya
> does
> not seem to differentiate between Chitta and Manas!
> "Mano drishyamidam dwaitam yat kimcha charaacharam.
> Manaso hyamaneebhaave dvaitam naivopalabhyate."
> "Yada na leeyatae Chittam na cha vikshipyate punaha,
> Aninganam anaabhaasam nishpannam Brahma tat tada."

After signing off I will go and look at this shloka.

This multi-use of essential terms is a problem and at
the end of the day I guess we just have to use our own
insight..vijnana maybe. While this body is recovering
from its latest visit to the chopping slab I am
reading books that have sat unread on the shelf for a
long time. The Tripura Rahasya is especially
interesting on Chitta and Samadhi.  You can download
the complete book from the web and then word-search
the word you want ie. chitta. You will find another
use of the word there more in line with my own search
for a reflective aspect of the antahkarana. I am sure
that as the manas quietens and buddhi just sees two
without distinguishing difference by 'I like' and 'I
don't like' through the imposition of ahankara then
there comes a flash, momentary, in a reflective organ.
This flash can awaken true memory, transcends the
various shades of time dominating the 'lower' orders
of mind.  At the moment it seems reasonable to me to
give this reflective function the name of chitta
although I can see also how it cane become the
storehouse of sanchit.   I must admit though this is
rather precocious of me because of the statements made
by such great souls as you mention.  Fortunately our
studies will lead to our ignorance dissolving so
please can we continue this one.

Now to other mail,
Om sri ram
Ken Knight

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