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I did not read this entire thread, I read only Malolan's post.  Here I
post what I read in devii bhagavatam - Book 4.

kRShNa is a amsha avatara of Lord ViShNu.  It goes like this. arjuNa
and kRShNa are respectively avatara-s of sages nara and nArAyaNa. Both
nara and nArAyaNa are amshaavatara-s of Lord shriiman naaraayaNa. These
sages are sons of RShi dharma, who is in turn  son of brahma.  Take it
or leave it.

At personal level, I do not care for these specifics though. I worship
all devata-s as manifestation of shiva-dampati and who is
sat-chit-Ananda. Even Allah is non different from shivAbhyaam with the
symbol crescent moon which is their unique ornanament (chuuDaalankRta
sashi kalaabhyaam. That is my belief. To all the same chant; "namaH



kaadhaalagi kasindhu kaNNiir malgi
Odhuvaar thamai nanneRikkuyppathu
vedam naanginum maypporuLaavathu
naathan naamam namashivAyavE.
Saint Thiru-Jnana-sambhandar

"To those who chant the name of our Lord, "namaH shivAya" which is the
essence of four veda-s, with deep love, melting in devotion and tears
rolling down one's cheek; it will lead them to the right path"

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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