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Tue Jan 22 05:27:47 CST 2002

--- Gregory Goode <goode at DPW.COM> wrote:
> Ken,
> Were you a member at some time of the School of
> Economic Philosophy in the U.K.?

Dear Greg,
The gremlins are about as all my postings to this site
this morning have been 'Failed Deliveries' so I will
not answer as fully now as I did earlier in case of
more trouble.
Briefly, I first went for the economics course at SES
about 43 years ago as part of my accountancy
training...a failure in all respects as a more
unlikely accountant material than myself never walked
this earth.
Had travelling... contact with the
philosophy side for a number of years until my own
prarabhda and that of the school prepared a parting of
the ways some twenty years ago.
I still meet many members..past and I
wander about but do not join in the prevalent
criticisms of the organisation.  For that reason I
would not like to discuss particular organisations on
this site...quite happy away from it if you
wish.....because you can quickly attract those who
wish to lash out when their own prarabhda provides a
rocky, but graceful,  ride for a while. This happens
elsewhere on the Web.
My main interest now is that  we prepare ourselves to
be worthy pupils in order to be able to hear the
purity of the essential advaitin teaching and practise
it. For some that entails membership of organisations
at times but these structures are preparatory for both
societies and individuals. Whichever is our own path
the learn/teach principle prevails, that is my guide
at least.
Maybe you have your own comments on SES. My discussion
with Swaminarayan refers to such organisations
generally because back in the Fifties and Sixties
these organisations naturally reflected the
intellectual and emotional climate out of which they
emerged. As the inevitably superficial knowledge of
advaita first reached a more general public in the UK
it was veiled by this environment.  Times change and I
am sure that now there is a new, more harmonious
understanding arising to nourish the new seekers. I
have no idea if the new leader of SES is following
advaita or not but the 'fruits' of the organisation,
seen in part already, have, I am sure, a full ripening
to come,
Om sri ram

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