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Hello :
--- shrI Hemant wrote:
>              It is a fact that the daSAvatAra tradition
> recognises Lord Buddha as the ninth avatAra. Sri Sankara
> however does not figure in this list.
Is it so? I have asked the same question to many
Their answers vary. Some say that the bhAgavata purANa and
some other works do mention buddha as an avatAra but he is
rogue avatAra who came to delude people by denying the
One Shri VaiShNava scholar that I spoke to was vehement in
denying that buddha was an avatAra. This corresponds to
 I know as well. The "list" AFAIK is :
1) matsya
2) kUrma
3) varAha
4) narasimha
5) vAmaNa
6) parashurAma
7) dasaratharAma
8) balarAma
9) krishna
and ....
10) kalki ( yet to come )

  Also, considering buddha the ninth avatAra would make him
the kali yuga avatAram. But, the purport of gItA and the
bhAgavata purANa is to apply for kali yuga especially.
How do we reconcile all of these inconsistencies?


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