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On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Erama Kiruttinan wrote:

> Infact all of us are amshavataraas.There is divinity in all of us.To
> put it crudely,the amount or percentage of 'Vishnutvam' or divinity varies.

I would put it slightly differently.  Everyone being, moving or still is
to borrow an American phrase "all Brahman, all the time"  where we differ
is in our awareness of our true identity.  Bhagawan is worthy of worship
because he is fully knowledgeable and untainted by maya.  When
Shankaracharya says Krishna Bhagawan is an ansha, he is not saying He is
"less" in comparison with another avatar just that only a fraction of the
full majesty of God can be expressed in name and form.  As the
Vishvarupayoga shows, the full vision of God is too much for a mere mortal
to bear.


> ------------------------------------------------------------
> "If devotion to one's country amounts to a sin, I admit I have committed
> that sin.

Sorry we cannot let such wrongheaded notions go unchallenged.  The
terrorist is the prime example of a rajasic personality.  Godses' sin was
not he cared too much but he didn't care at all.  The lakhs of Hindus were
not helped one iota by his murderous actions.  In fact he set back the
reputation of Hinduism and India in many peoples eyes just as bin Laden
instead of helping Islam caused the destruction of the Islamic state in
Afghanistan.  Fanatics like these are really only interested in stoking
their own egos not in anyone else.  Those who really want to help defend
Hinduism should start by learning as much of its' teachings as they can
and helping others to learn so no one in our community remains ignorant.
No one will be able to attack us then.

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