Discussion on the gItA

S. V. Subrahmanian svsubrahmanian at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jan 17 11:35:52 CST 2002

Sri Vidyashankar,

I read your remarks on our posting.

1.  Thank you for clarifying the meaning of BG 2.46.  I re-read Sri Sankara's
commentary on the verse and now I understand it better.

2.  Regarding karma-sanyAsa, yes, I am yet to read more of Sri Sankara's
commentary.  I am sure I will find what you said when I read them.

3.  A little while you had posted a series on the chronological dispute
regarding Sri Sankara's advent.  In the introduction you mentioned that you
were also planning to write on B.gItA and ISOpanishad.  I am sure alongwith me
there are others in this list who eagerly await your postings.



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