Correspondence on Maya

S. V. Subrahmanian svsubrahmanian at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jan 7 16:40:49 CST 2002

> Again the Bhagawan does not preach karma sannyasa like Sankara but exhorts
> Arjuna to action.

Sri Sankara, in his bhAshyam on the famous verse "karmaNyEvAdhikArastE ...",
starts by saying:

karmaNi eva adhikAraH, na jnAna nishTAyAm te (tava)

He indicates that Arjuna at that point is not fully fit for receving jnAna dixA
and hence should perform karma yoga.  If you see Sri Sankara's comments on
previous verses too, he says till one is really fit to enquire (jnAna), one
should perform pious acts like building tanks etc.

>From my limited understanding, he does not preach karma sanyAsa as cure-all for
everybody.  Infact he urges people to participate in karma till one is ready
for receiving the final knowledge.

Can you clarify where exactly Sankara exhorts students karma-sanyAsa in his
interpretation of gItA?


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