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ken knight hilken_98 at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jan 7 03:14:34 CST 2002

Namaste all,
About six years ago I became aware of problems with
this body. Suspecting cancer but with a trip to
Varanasi and Kerala planned as well as many other
events that I wanted to complete back home in England,
I told the body to hold on. Through grace it did so
until two years ago when bowel cancer was diagnosed
and chopped out. Other operations for post-incisional
hernias followed but again, through grace, the body
has done well.
I am this week..or maybe next.... awaiting a call from
the hospital for another visit to the surgeon's
slab...this could come at any time. I may be back
quickly or I may be away for some time. The surgeons
will make their decision after the chop but I am sure
that it has already been made in the subtle world.
As there is so much doubt in this event could I ask
you to do something for me please.
To avoid this e-mail address box becoming filled up,
if you do not hear from me again before January 18th.
could you please remove me temporarily from the list.
I will then contact you again when back in action
(without acting of course).

Thank you all for all that is given to this site and
may the blessing of true study be with all,

Om sri ram jai jai ram

Ken Knight

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