Shruti and the Logic

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> >SureshvarAchArya, in his naiShkarmya-siddhi, has dealt with a topic that
> >is relevant here. Please see 3-57 and 3-58 for a discussion on how
> >anumAna (inference or reasoning in general) cannot give us a direct
> >realization of the Self. Here Sureshvara is replying to an objection by
> >an opponent who says that the Self which is supposed to be understood
> >from the vAkya of the shruti (such as tattvamasi, ahaM brahmAsmi) can be
> >attained by anumAna alone and hence, the vAkya is rendered irrelevant or
> >without any content (ie. dispensable)  - " tadA vAkyAvagamyasyArthasya
> >anuditAnastamitaviGYAnamAtrasvabhAsya anumAnenaiva pratipannatvAt.h
> >punarapi vAkyasya nirviShayatvaprasaN^gaH". Sureshvara essentially argues
> >that direct realization of the Self is only through the vAkya, not by
> >anumAna.
> Very true. Yes, inferential reasoning by analyzing the three states of
> waking, dream and deep sleep can atbest point to something which survives
> these three states without any change to itself and thus facilitates the
> continuity of our identity. But whether this thing can be relevant to
> salvation - as the end to human suffering, escape from the cycle of
> rebirths, immortality, the end and goal of life and ultimate happiness - is
> to be learnt from the shruti alone.
>From gauDapAda kArika, SankarA's introductory commentary
to Chapter 3 i.e., advaita prakaraNa.

advaitaM kim AgamamAtrENa pratipattavyam AhOsvit tarkENApi
ityata aha - SakyatE tarkEnApi  j~nAtuM; tatkathamityadvaita-
prakaraNam ArabhyatE....

Swami NikhilAnanda's translation.

Now it is asked whether nonduality can be established only by
scriptural evidence or whether it can be proved by reasoning as well.
It is said in reply that it is possible to establish nonduality by
reasoning as well. How is it possible? This is shown in this chapter
of Advaita.



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