clarification from Sri Dave regarding paramhamsas

S. V. Subrahmanian svsubrahmanian at YAHOO.COM
Sat Feb 23 11:38:25 CST 2002

That was very patient of you to have explained it.  In general we have to adopt
the following code in our spiritual path:

1.  Learn to respect saints and sages of all religions and schools of thought.

2.  Ideas can be analysed, compared and criticized.  But never the person
behind the idea.

3.  When refering to pUrvapaksha (opponent's view), it is always better to take
only the view and leave the personality behind it aside.  Infact one should use
the word "opponent" only and not the exact name, out of respect for the person
behind it.  (This, my teacher is the high standard that Sri Sankara set in his
own works).

4.  Not only should we entertain such thoughts but should also not encourage
people in such thinking.

5.  We should remember what Sri Krishna said:  "IshvaraH sarva bhUtAnAm
hR^ddESE tishTati" - It is Ishvara (alone) who is manifest in all beings.  We
should respect everyone.

6.  In the final analysis, we should focus more on OUR OWN learning and
understanding, rather than trying to prove Ramana right or Shankara right.  Our
sAdhana is the most important.

OM SAntiH, SAntiH, SAntiH


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