Advaita : Some Basic Explanations - 5

hbdave hbd at DDIT.ERNET.IN
Fri Feb 22 21:52:51 CST 2002

Shrinivas Gadkari wrote:

> Namaste Shri Himanshu,
> First of all, thanks for your excellent tutorial articles on
> advaita. I will look forward to reading the forthcoming posts.
> In your posts, you often refer to activity of the brain. Since
> brain belongs to physical plane = annamaya kosha, when we
> refer to brain while talking about higher koshas, we have
> to clarify what exactly are we referring to. Do you mean the
> equivalent of brain at the level of the kosha corresponding to
> the discussion ? May I ask you to clarify this issue.
> Best regards
> Shrinivas

It is a very good question. I shall have to explain in some
details as it involves working of human brain. I shall take it up at
earliest possible.

-- Himanshu

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