Shruti and the Logic

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I want to add couple of points to what Nanda wrote under the
continuing title of 'tat tvam asi'.  Some of this aspect is related
to anumaana pramaana - I had discussed this in the second chapter of
my notes on Brahmasuutra.

anaumaana or logic - to be looked from two aspects - loukika anumaana
and shaastriiya anumaana -

loukika anumaana or 'logic' that we normally understand is with in
the realm of intellect and is supported by vyaapti j~nanama or
comcomitant relationship between the hetu and saadhya or let us say
cause and effect.  The relationship itself is based on the pratyaksha
or direct perception - like where there is smoke there is fire.  The
scientific logic that we deal with transactionally is within the
realm of anaatma and cannot be extented to the realm of aatma -
discussion pertaining to aatma since it is beyond the normal
perceptions for establishing the vyaapti between hetu and saadhya -
or concomitant relationships between cause and effects.

Yet shaastara is not illogical - hence we use shaastriiya anumaana -
it is logical but it is beyond logic too.  Hence when aachaarya-s
discuss  nyaaya suutra-s - they do employ logic in the discussion but
the logic is based on shaastra - statements only.  Thus the logical
arguments are supported by 'samanvaya' or self-consistency based on
Shastra statements only.  Shastra in a sense is self-fulfilling in  a
way hence is treated as a separate 'pramaNa' beyond pratyaksha and
anumaana.  Shaastra is logical but it is beyond logical since it
points about the truth that is beyond the cause-effect relationships
or vyaapti j~naanam.

Hari Om!

>>So shruti and reason go hand in hand.
>In case this gets interpreted :
>Though shruti and logic can go hand in hand still it is not advisable to
>adhere to this principle in all the aspects of the shruti.
>Reality is beyond the intellect and so there's little to be gained by trying
>to reconcile the Upanishadic concept of the Atman with our phenoemenal life.
>Rather use the intellect where it is valid - analyze the categories of
>unreality. And be guided by the shruti as to what categories of unreality to
>analyze and understand. As far as the Atman is concerned it is enough to
>know that such a thing - permanent and non-dependent - exists.
>Ofcourse the spiritual excercises suggested in the shruti are also of great
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