Advaita : Some Basic Explanations - 2

hbdave hbd at DDIT.ERNET.IN
Tue Feb 19 02:01:09 CST 2002

Malolan Cadambi wrote:

> Dear Dr.Dave,
> The Samskrutham words did not appear as you had wanted them to. Are the
> fonts you are using Dynamic or is it required for us to have some font
> installed on our computers?

I am sorry for the confusion created by my words. No, you will NOT get the

Sanskrit text in Devanagari script on your display.  What I wanted to say
was -
I am writing the  Sanskrit text using ASCII (i.e. Romanized) encoding.  If
are using Latex or Tex document formatting system, then with a small
of work - mainly some control codes - and Charles Wikner's skt package,
can print my notes and they WILL contain the Sanskrit text in Devanagari.

Again I am sorry for a wrong impression being created.
I use this representation as the original Sanskrit text can be accurately
with Roman character set.

-- Himanshu

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